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ORLIMEX has obtained the first ever construction-technical certificate in the UK for the sale of Composite products manufactured from basalt fibres!

In 2016 ORLIMEX UK expanded its business activities in the construction industry to incorporate composite or FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) products — as a substitute for traditional steel reinforcement.
It offers two types of composite materials to its business partners. These are basalt fibre materials (internationally labelled BFRP) and glass fibre (labelled GFRP) — these materials are an ideal replacement of steel for reinforced concrete elements.

ORLIMEX UK is the exclusive representative of the Russian company GALEN designated for the UK, Ireland and British Overseas Territories. GALEN is a World leading producer of composite materials and one of the first producers of composite basalt materials and glass fibre materials, not only in Russia but also in Europe, the UK and the USA.

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Basalt is a rock of volcanic origin and it forms about 30% of the Earth’s crust. It is an extremely durable and hard material of a fine-grained structure. It is resistant to abrasion and chemicals.
Thanks to these properties, basalt began to be used to produce modern composite materials.
Main advantages of basalt:
• high tensile strength — basalt fibre is close to carbon fibre in strength (basalt is 3 times stronger than steel, but 6 times lighter)
• thermal conductivity —basalt has a low thermal conductivity (100 times less than steel), Its use allows an increase of thermal efficiency of cavity walls by up to 35%
• anticorrosion properties
• dielectric conductivity
• resistance in alkaline and chemical environments
• Excellent bond with concrete — bars covered with silica sand

Basalt and composites
A composite is any material that consists of at least two major components with markedly different physical properties. FRP Composites are made from fibre reinforcement and a resin binder.

PULTRUSION — Production technology
PULTRUSION is a process of continuous production of reinforcement of various shapes and lengths by pulling of the material through a die. The material is a mixture of liquid resin and fibre reinforcement. The process involves pulling the material through a heated steel die, sometimes filled with silica sand in order to provide excellent cohesion with concrete and cutting to the desired length.