150 guests, 8 countries, 3 languages, 20 years of service and a 3 days long celebration – that sums up the 20th birthday of ORLIMEX in the Robinson Club on the coast of the Minsk Sea. Tours, outdoor activities, Belarussian culture, comfortable facilities, good food and unforgettable memories!

Welcome to Belarus

Employees, family, friends, and all our partners came together from Czechia, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Egypt and other countries to join the birthday celebrations on the 25th August. Guests were welcomed in true Belarussian fashion; everybody tried some national dishes in the Gray Café, some groups went on guided tours to the main tourist attraction in Belarus – the Nesvizh and Mir Castles – and others were given the opportunity to tour the plywood factory at our partner’s plant in Barysaw. The first evening was spent participating in various activities in the style of Belarussian culture on the grounds of the Robinson Club; hostesses in traditional Belarussian dresses, symbolic gifts, national music. Each guest received an Orlimex passport upon entering, where you were supposed to gain visas in each of the 8 activity zones. Once all visas were collected guests could enter a lottery and win a pin badge with the company’s logo or some traditional Belarussian clothing.

The most interesting activity zone was of course the wood workshop. One could create their own wooden figurines, try out string-art, take a break by making wooden pyramids that had to be perfectly balanced, and of course play a giant version of Jenga.

For those that love some more traditional games there was a zone with outdoor chess and even a wild game of “head-ball”, football played with heads. Each zone was managed by staff, who usually helped everybody out by giving advice and gave out visas to contestants upon the completion of the activity.

In order to keep the nature of the evening celebratory a photo-zone with an ORLIMEX sign made out of birch plywood was also installed. On top of that, a photo box and a selfie-video platform allowed guests to make some precious memories last. And of course, actors wearing traditional Belarussian clothing could be seen walking around and improving everybody’s spirits.

Victoria Mateshko: “The atmosphere was unbelievably warm, spiritual, and bright! A complete feeling of celebrations with a hint of childhood joy. Active outdoor games, white confetti thrown in during the dancing part of the evening completely erased the boundaries between responsibilities, age differences, and status – everybody was having fun! It was almost unexpected how active was the first day, full of various activities, they went all out for the company.”

If one wanted to just chill out with a view of the Minsk sea and yachts that was also possible. Guests were presented with beanbags on the lawn and were served with champagne and appetizers, as well as special cocktails prepared in a retro-bus by the talented mixologists.

Everybody came together later in the evening to watch the dance performance, participate in some fun contests and a slightly emotional moment when each person released a balloon into the night sky.

Black&White dress code and a Birch cake

The second evening started off in an even bigger fashion – guests were welcomed into a large White Hall with stylish birch inspired decorations and multiple photo-zones. We heard many warm congratulatory speeches and well-wishes for the future of the company. Even a birch cake was presented along with champagne to celebrate the birthday. To keep up the good mood there were many performances prepared for the night; National Belarussian choreographic ensemble “Khoroshki,” artists from the group “Cvet Aloe,” illusionist Arsen Melkonyan, saxophonist, DJ, dancers, drummers, bartender-show, a paper confetti show, and last but not least a large outdoor fire show.

Responsible for uniting everybody across the 3 languages were our lovely MCs: Сергей Лапковский, Алексей Кольва, Дарья Касач.

The Orlimex company once again proved to everyone that we are a united front and we are not only great at providing our services but also at group activities. A celebration as great as this one would not be possible without the Orlimex team – employees, who love what they do and are not afraid of anything in life.

Unbelievable event that will stay in my memory forever. The program and organization and of course the atmosphere were truly unique and matchless. Getting to know Belarus, from its current capital city to its ancient castles, with my colleagues from different teams was very interesting and fascinating.

Dietmar Hammes