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ORLITECH mesh is resistant to corrosion and UV radiation, it doesn’t change its mechanical features and won’t cause a degradation of concrete, moreover, due to the high alkali resistance and anti-corrosion properties, the working life of concrete elements is increased greatly, making it ideal for use in chemically aggressive areas.

The mesh does not conduct electricity and is non-magnetic, it does not absorb static and is redundant to radio waves, making it appropriate for the construction and refurbishment of housing, hospitals and airports. Within concrete it resists high temperatures, up to 700°C in the long term and 1000°C in the short term.​

Durability, resistance to corrosion, alkaline & acid substances, stable condition of the material – are the most important properties of our basalt fibre reinforced polymer material (FRP). All of our FRP products have a service life in excess of 100 years.

Thermal conductivity (100 times lower than that of steel), thermal conductivity 0.46W/m2. Due to the high thermal conductivity of steel bars used for construction when they are substituted with Orlitech FRP products thermal conductivity of any connecting steel through thermal envelope is reduced by 35%

Orlitech composite basalt FRP mesh has many and varied applications including but not limited to:


Strengthening of concrete structures​

Reinforcement of concrete wall, concrete panels and sandwich panels​

Reinforcement of concrete floors and ground bearing slabs​

Reinforcement of masonry within mortar joints


Reinforcement of industrial concrete floors

Reinforcement concrete within water treatment plants

Reinforcement of concrete sea defence structures

Reinforcement of anhydrite flowable screeds


Continuously Reinforced Pavements

Dowels for movement joints

Reinforcement of bridges

Strengthening of road and railway embankments

Crash barriers

In respect of cost & quality, BFRP provides all industries with a competitive material which can provide a cost effective solution for 21st Century manufacturing. A combination of excellent material characteristics opens new possibilities of use in all areas of construction and manufacturing. Taking this into consideration, Orlimex continues to develop innovative products for all industries. New products which are due to be introduced to the market are rock bolts and composite lightning poles.